What it does?

Arbree Attendance App (AAA) has been created to monitor timetables and schedule shifts for your users whether they are in-office employees, teams working remotely, marketing personnel who are on the move or even students! It will record clock-in, clock-outs, overtime and late entries of your users. Users can also take breaks and apply for leave from within the app. It is a one-stop shop for all scheduling related administration needs. AAA is designed to increase the productivity of your organization and decrease your costs simply by freeing up your administrators.

How it works?

Setting up

An administrator sets up the basic pretense of the app (i.e. how many shifts, how long each break period is etc.)
Employees set up their user profiles

Before usage

Employees choose suitable shifts which have been set-up by the administrators
The app generates a unique QR code daily which the administrator displays in the workplace


Office-based employees clock-in simply by scanning the QR code using the app whereas employees who are consistently on the move can clock in via GPS
Users clock-out simply by scanning the QR code using the app
Whenever users want to take breaks they simply press a button on the app
If an employee wants to apply for leave, they can do so on the app


Why is this so special?

Versatility: This app has been designed for everyone whether it be people in the office, students or sales people who are consistently on the move. No systems exist as of yet that can monitor the work-hours of employees who are on-the-move as efficiently as AAA.

Efficiency: The app is designed to be user-friendly and simplistic. Clocking-in, taking breaks and applying for leaves has never been quicker and simpler.

Cost-effectiveness: Current systems include expenses; be it via time-costs for the administrator or expensive, difficult to maintain fingerprint scanners. With AAA, a smartphone is all that is required.

Self-running: With the admin having to set up only once, the whole system runs by itself negating the need for paperwork/emails/complex leave forms. This makes it easier for both the administrator and the user.

Keep tabs: Administrators can set up the app to ping alerts and generate reports. Both the administrator and the user can keep tabs of how many leaves they have taken and all sorts of data regarding their own scheduling and timing.

Arbree Attendance

The Best Attendance Solution

Arbree Attendance helps you manage your workforce and track
employee time and attendance in an easier, more efficient way.

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