Who are we?

Arbree Limited is a UK-based company providing corporate solutions centered around two fundamental principles: cost-effectiveness and simplicity. Our Arbree Attendance App allows the streamlining of HR operations leading to a drastic increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation as a whole.

How it began?

Arbree Limited was started by three friends who came together with one mission: making time-consuming tasks easy, efficient and hassle free. We made this app for our own ventures but seeing how effective it was for us, we decided to share this with the world. The motto is simple but the effect of it is outstanding. It can be used to convert an institution into a lean, high achieving, world class working place.

What are we trying to solve?

The fundamental inefficiencies of current attendance monitoring technologies nowadays can be broken down into two different parts: technological and human. Technological inefficiencies for an organisation, when it comes to monitoring attendance and leaves, include the purchase and maintenance of expensive attendance monitoring hardware such as fingerprint scanners while human challenges consist of inefficiencies such as the unnecessary expenditure of employee and employer time.

What solutions do we provide?

Our app utilises the power of the internet and smartphones to give you a seamless, efficient platform for both employers and employees. Employees can apply for breaks, leaves, sick leaves directly from the app eliminating the hassle of writing emails and having to chase up HR. Employers on the other hand can monitor all employee leave applications, communicate directly with them via the app and check the current attendance of the employees live with their exact locations.

Why is this important?

Statistics show that 1 out of 5 people are late for work. This takes a huge toll on the effectiveness of the company. Without a team member present, this affects project work flow and more importantly team morale. Attendance is more than just clock-in, clock-out hours. A company stands on the shoulders of its employees therefore it is a way of monitoring the health of the company. Detecting irregularities or adverse trends in an employee’s attendance early on will allow the employers to monitor and assist the employee which will lead to a more understanding, stronger working relationship.

Try us out!

We are offering your company one month free trial which will allow you to determine whether this is the app for your organisation. It worked for us and we can assure you that once you use it you will share our views too.

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